Following are some of the main reasons: 

Because CETYS University:

  • Has been a pioneer institution of higher education in Baja. It was the first university to offer –prior to any other state higher education institution- undergraduate programs in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Public Accounting, Computer Sciences, Psychology, Marketing, International Business, and Manufacturing Engineering. Additionally, it was the first higher education institution in the State of Baja to get connected to the Internet.
  • Is the University which currently has the highest number of graduate students in Baja California.
  • Promotes an entrepreneurial spirit in all of its students through special programs and this is reflected, for example, in the fact that 4 of the 5 most important enterprises in the State of Baja California were founded and are operated by the institution’s alumni.
  • Has made English not only a requirement, but an important part of its undergraduate curriculum, and as a result, 100% of its alumni from 2004 and forward will be fluent in English.
  • Is an institution people believe in, given that all of our facilities and premises at the three campuses have been acquired and developed with donations, contributions, and support from individuals and
  • organizations from the larger community who believe in our educational mission which seeks to form whole professionals and citizens, with a high degree of academic preparation and with the moral values that promote social well-being and development.
  • Provides Grants and Financial Aid that benefit over 70% of our student population.
    Is the country’s North-Western private university with the highest number of international exchange programs (52 signed agreements) with the best universities in Europe and both North and South America, making us the institution with the highest percentage of undergraduate students participating in international exchange programs in Mexico.
  • Has established an external assessment, as a measure of the quality of its graduates, for all those students close to graduation from the Undergraduate Academic Programs.  This assessment is part of the National Assessment Center for Higher Education (CENEVAL) evaluation portfolio. Therefore, 100% of CETYS Universidad students are evaluated at the national level through a General Knowledge Exam that is designed and applied by this national center.
    Graduated the first individual at the undergraduate degree level in the entire state.
  • Is the only educational institution in Baja to be currently re-accredited for all its campuses by the Mexican Federation of Private Higher Education Institutions (FIMPES), an accreditation that was awarded under the category of “Lisa y LLana”, which is the highest level that can be achieved from this national agency.
  • Is the only university in Baja that has been publicly recognized by the Federal Government as a High Academic Level Institution, and as an Institution of Excellence by the State Government.
  • Has continuously operated as a financially conservative and stable institution.