CETYS University was born under the auspices of the Educational Institute of the Northwest, Civil Association (IENAC: Instituto Educativo del Noroeste, A.C.), composed of a group of visionary businessmen who gave it its sense of meaning and its vision of quality.

There were two primary reasons –deciding factors for starting our institution: to prevent the flight of students to other regions of the country, and to provide academic quality. Subsequently, campuses were founded -Tjuana in 1972 and Ensenada in 1975, - in order to ensure that institutional purposes and the quality of educational objectives were present in the main cities in the State of Baja California.

As Sistema CETYS University grew, the Institution became a university recognized by the federal government for its academic quality, and designated as an “institution of excellence” by the state government.

At both the federal and state levels, CETYS University operates consistent with federal education laws and their related operational regulations. As a result, our plans and academic programs hold official educational recognition before the Secretariat for Education and Social Welfare (SEBS), and all graduating alumni hold professional recognition from the federal government through the Federal Government’s Professions Law and its professional credential which allows our graduates to exercise their profession anywhere in the country.

Currently, CETYS University operates on three campuses with undergraduate, master and doctoral programs in the fields of Engineering, Accounting, Business Administration, Law, Psychology and Computer Science. Our institution is recognized by the Mexican Federation of Private Higher Education Institutions (FIMPES), the national accreditation agency for private universities, and by specialized accrediting agencies in each of our program areas.

Under a structured organizational framework, led by   President Enrique Blancas de la Cruz, CETYS University operates as a multi-campus institution, supported by the President’s staff at the system-wide level, and by a General Director on each campus.

IENAC’s support has been the institution’s cornerstone since its foundation, providing the auspices for its operation and the ongoing existence of Sistema CETYS Universidad.  The role of advisors at the three campuses is visible through the unconditional support for making our institution a quality and prestigious university that forms an alumni corps distinguished by their professional preparation and values.